Gettysburg Pretzel and Snack

Yummy! I love pretzels!

Several months ago, Debbie and her husband were craving pretzels from Gettysburg Pretzel and Snack in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Debbie decided to drive there and asked if Candee and I wanted to join her. We never refuse a road trip!
Gettysburg Pretzel has been in business since 1995. Their pretzels are rolled and twisted by hand which assures a great texture and high quality product. In addition to hard pretzels which come with no salt, regular and extra-salty (our favorite), dark and broken pretzels,they also have fresh baked soft pretzels and pretzel buns available at their outlet store in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Pretzel and Snack

Enjoying a delicious soft pretzel!

Some other items they have for sale in the outlet are flavored pretzels like honey mustard, hot bbq, ranch and cheddar cheese. Some incidental foods are also available which are not produced there such as chocolate covered pretzels, drinks and more.

They are also available for fundraising events. Make sure you stop by their shop for a fresh soft pretzel if you are in the area. They are located at 1875 York Road in Gettysburg and can be found on line at

Gettysburg Pretzel and Snack

I talked Debbie and Candee into buying a big bag of pretzels to take home with us!

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