“Hop” Over to the Boston Common to Splash Around!

The Boston Common Frog Pond is privately funded and operated by the Boston Common Frog Pond Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. This magical place is a skating rink during the winter months and a wading pool in warmer weather. It’s sixth inch depth makes it the perfect place for family fun. Tadpole Playground is located right beside the pond, and features playground equipment, whimsical frog statues, and kid-activated fountains. Squeals of delight are the norm here, as young children play and explore.


I made a lot of friends at the Frog Pond in Boston!

These great kids posed with me in front on Frog Pond! I love their shirts!


Frog Pond Friend!

Candee waded out into the water to take this picture of me. Don’t worry, the water was only ankle deep! (Not “Knee-deep”!)


Who can resist a playground? Not me!

Come On…Let’s Play!


Would anyone else like to go snorkeling with us?

There were dozens of families enjoying a sunny Boston day when we visited. Children romped and played in the water, but the big hit seemed to be the spray fountain…They loved it!

Located in the Boston Common, Frog Pond is easily accessible from Beacon Street, or if you prefer to take the subway, use the red line and get off at the Park St. stop.


Don't you know it's not polite to spit!

Don’t Forget to Come Back for Skating When the Weather Cools Off!

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