'The Giant', composed of natural items found in the park, was crafted by WVU sculpture students: Ben Gazi, Amanda Smyer, and Taylor Bray





Yesterday, on the way back home, Polly #3  decided to take a short rest break at Coopers Rock state Forest (13 miles east of Morgantown, WV) because the  breathtaking view from the lookout point makes a stop so worthwhile.  As soon as she got out of the car, she spied something new….a giant man sleeping comfortably against a tree near the parking lot!   Of course she immediately hopped over to check it out and discovered that “The Giant”, constructed from natural materials, was a class project created in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2012).  The giant’s nap will continue until nature takes its course and reduces him to a pile of twigs, sticks, mud, and moss.





Shhh! Don't wake him up!


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6 Responses to “Don’t Wake Him Up, Polly #3!”

  1. Scary!!

  2. Very creative! I wonder how long he will last?

  3. hi It’s me lauren i went to bunker hill elem. I miss polly

  4. Hi Lauren!
    Thanks for writing! I miss Bunker Hill Elem, too! I switched schools this year. I hope you’re having a great school year!
    Mrs. Schneider

  5. Dear Mrs.Schneider

    I miss u come visit us destiny and i at Mill creek.But if u want to the room number its room 116. With polly tell her i said hi i miss u come back. Wicth school did u go to? BYE

  6. I like your pictures!