The Bourne Bridge is located in Bourne, Massachussets and crosses the Cape Cod Canal. Cape Cod is connected to the rest of Massachusetts by either the Bourne Bridge, or by the Sagamore Bridge.

The Bourne Bridge was named “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in 1934 by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Construction of the bridge was started in 1933 and it was opened in 1935 to replace a drawbridge that had been in use since 1911.

The Beginning or the End!

This bridge signals one of two things for me….a beginning and an end. I get such a thrill when I see it for the first time each summer, because I know that I’m almost to one of my favorite places on this planet. As I drive over it, I imagine being on the beach, going out in the boat, spending time with family, and eating lots of seafood! It’s here that I roll down my window and get my first whiff of that unmistakable salty Cape Cod air, and my brain finally registers the thought….vacation! Two weeks later, the reality of leaving doesn’t really hit me until I start to drive back over the bridge. If that old bride could talk, it would undoubtedly yell, “See you next year! I’ll be looking for you!”

Bourne Bridge

The Bourne Bridge is one of two bridges that connects Cape Cod to the rest of Massachusetts.

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