Check out some of the murals I saw during my visit to Cape Cod:


Cape Cod


Where are all the fish going?


Now I see why they're swimming so fast!


Swim little fish, swim!


We drove by this mural several times and didn't even see it! We couldn't believe we had missed it before!

This mural on the side of the Kid ‘N Kaboodle Building in Orleans, Massachusetts was painted by Catherine Clark. The 30′ X 50’ mural shows Beltane and her calf, Cats Eyes–two real humpback whales that the artist observed in nature.


We found this really neat mural on a wall in a McDonald's restaurant when we stopped for a restroom break!

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4 Responses to “Cape Cod Murals~Polly #2”

  1. Pretty cool! Any idea who painted this?

  2. Polly #5,

    The top murals were signed by Aimee Wang. I did a search on her and found out that she was born in China and grew up in Massachusetts. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and spent 10 months with AmeriCorps.

  3. Anonymous,

    Thanks! I’m going to google her and take a look at some of her other work.

  4. wow, I love the whale mural!