Buckingham Fountain, centrally located in Grant Park and touted as one of the largest fountains in the world was one of the sights we were told that we had to see while visiting Chicago. Polly expressed a keen interest in visiting it because she had heard that the fountain was the starting point for the 2004 season of her favorite show, The Amazing Race!

“The World Is Waiting For You, Good Luck, Travel Safe.”

As the week progressed and with our time in Chicago rapidly waning, we had started giving up hope for seeing the fountain until someone told us not to bother trying to seeing it in the daytime, as the real treat happened after dark. Every hour on the hour the fountain hosts a light and water show, complete with a plume of water that shoots 150-feet into the air. The fountain with the back drop of the Chicago skyline is truly a special sight to behold!

Buckingham Fountain--it looks just like a wedding cake with lights!

Polly caught the last water show of the night....it was worth it!

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4 Responses to “Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Il. (Polly #3)”

  1. I definitely have to visit Chicago someday…it looks like there are many exciting things to see. I bet the fountain was beautiful!

  2. It does look like a wedding cake!!!!!! It is beautiful,what did you like about Buckingham Fountain? I bet Polly loved it.

  3. I loved that we went there at night time when the fountain was all lit up. Just by chance, we had the fountain to ourselves that night, nobody else was there! Very quiet….very pretty! Polly LOVED it of course, because she loves water!

    Thanks for writing!

  4. I want to live there.