A Pile of "Brains"!

Look what we found in the woods–wow, what memories. When I was a young tadpole, my younger brother used to call them “brains”, which of course would make us all laugh. I decided to pile them up and take a picture. Don’t I look great? Did you notice that I didn’t tell you what these green, bumpy orbs are called? I know–but do you? Leave me a message and let’s see who’s the first reader to identify them correctly!

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6 Responses to ““Brains”!”

  1. After a short google break…

    The osage orange is a small decidious tree or large shrub known scientifically as the “maclura pomifera.” Of course, I knew the Latin all along but I wasn’t sure whether it was a medium-sized shrub or a large shrub so I had to do some research.

  2. My first instinct was to say “road apples” but then I remembered that this is an entirely different thing. I knew the term “hedge apples” but don’t know them as “osage orange.” The reason that “osage orange” didn’t ring a bell for me is that it’s not in the Latin.

  3. Hedge apples, also known as osage orange!

  4. Hey Polly, Hey Polly, Hey Polly!!!!!!!!!!

    They’re called hedge apples!!!! Thanks for the great pop quiz! Give me more fun things to answer!! I’m a huge fan!

  5. My cousins used to call them, “monkey brains”, but of course they are really called Hedge Apples!

  6. Farmer’s used to plant osage orange trees very close together forming a hedge around their pasture. The tree trunks grew thick, twisted and knarly … farmers claimed that this type of ‘fence’ was “horse high, pig tight and bull strong”!