Polly the Making a Snow Angel

Polly the Snow Angel

Have you been to Poor House Farm yet? If not, ask mom and dad to take you. You will love it there! You can play on the playground, run around on the fields, feed the ducks and geese in the pond, take hikes on the paths through the woods, and in the spring you can go fishing. You and your family can also learn how to play disc golf.

Poor House Farm is one of my favorite spots in Martinsburg. Yesterday my friend Debbie, Polly and I went there and trekked through the woods in the snow for two hours. We had a great time!

I wish I could remember who’s idea is was for Polly to make snow angels in the snow, but it was one of you at school! Polly liked your idea and got right to work creating the perfect snow angel to show you. Do you like it? Did you play in the snow this weekend too?

Polly and Disc Golf

Mrs. Schneider and Polly checking out #14

A disc golf course is being put in at Poor House Farm. The course isn’t finished yet, but it looks like it is going to be fantastic. The 18-hole course weaves through the hillside right behind the park. We had fun walking the course and checking it out.

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2 Responses to “Another Walk in the Snow”

  1. I really love the snow angel picture. So cute.

  2. I absolutely love the snow angel picture. That was a fabulous idea! I also live very close to Poor House Farm and it is a very fun place. My children love to feed the ducks in the summer time. My Polly #4 has been stuck inside most of the winter because I am not a huge fan of these bitter, cold temperatures. I do promise to take Polly on some adventures this summer. I have lots of great plans in the making!! 🙂