I got to go for a ride on an Amish Buggy in Lancaster, Pa.

The Amish, or “Plain People,”, are a large part of the community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their lives are very simple and center upon family, religion and community. They area very private group of people and do not enjoy all of the attention and curiosity about their lifestyle.

They are very devout in their faith. They take the word of God literally through scripture and therefore separate themselves from worldly things. They think that exposure to worldly things keeps them from having a close relationship with God.

Because of their interpretation of the biblical prohibition against making a ‘graven image’, they do not want to have their picture taken and would like to have their privacy respected when people visit the Lancaster area.

Because of their separation from the rest of society, they have a strong sense of community amongst themselves. They are quick to give aid to one another as needs arise.

Amish Schoolhouse

Amish Schoolhouse

Horsepower is used as their primary way to do things. Their children attend one-room schoolhouses through the eighth grade. They hold worship services every other week in one of the member’s homes.

The term “Plain People” is used to describe them because of the plain clothing styles they wear and simple, peaceful lifestyle they follow. Many people are fascinated with the this unique group and their ways of life.

Today there are numerous variations of the Amish, Mennonite and Brethren groups in Lancaster and they all have slightly different traditions and interpretations of the Bible.

Amish buggy

Amish Buggies aren't as comfortable as cars!

The most traditional of the groups are called “old order”. Electricity and telephones aren’t allowed in their homes because they feel this helps to keep the modern world out of their lives. They don’t own or operate cars because they feel that the use of cars would enable them easier access to the modern world. They mainly get around through the use of horse and buggies. Even though they use modern farming equipment, they utilize mules or horses to pull the equipment.

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