• Each month we will pick a special post and highlight it as the MVP post for the month. (Look for the gold seal on the home page!) It’s our way of saying, “Hey, we think you did a great job and we enjoyed reading about your adventures with Polly the Travel Frog!” We may pick a current post, or we might even dip back into the archives and highlight a post that we have always loved….either way, we hope you enjoy reading it, too! Make sure to leave a comment or question for the author so they know you enjoyed their stories and pictures!

Happy Travels!
Love, Polly

Polly Catching a Ride in Cambodia


3 Responses to “MVP”

  1. Thanks for the March MVP award! Look forward to some upcoming trip reports from Belize, Central America. Polly 12 will spend some more time scuba diving, visiting the Mayian Ruins and spending a few days in the rain forest.

  2. You’re welcome! We love your posts and it was our pleasure to honor you! Your pictures are always wonderful, but I especially loved these. I can’t wait for you to go to Belize!

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