Polly loves traveling Business Class

I was very lucky to travel in Business Class on Qatar Airways.  There was lots of food, but they did not serve me insects.  My favourite food was the shrimps.  The seat was big, and it gave me a massage when I pressed a button.  I also watched movies and listened to music.  I want to travel Business Class again!

One of the meals on our flight

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2 Responses to “Traveling in Style (Polly #7)”

  1. It looks like Polly #7 could get used to traveling in style like that. That’s one lucky Travel Frog!

  2. That looks good, albeit insects don’t seem to be the focal point of the entree. However, I would try this cuisine based upon presentation alone. C’est magnifique! I’m something of a gourmet myself, and my favorites include waterbug de fois grois, dragonfly ka-bobs, and grasshopper under glass. I still gobble my food with a flash of my tongue, but I am in the process of working on my table manners. Anyway…Bon Appetite!