Explore the World!

Click here to check out Google Maps–your interactive connection to the world! Try to find each of the countries that Polly has visited!

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  2. Click on the blue link above…thanks for visiting!

  3. This is a cool feature! It would take a long time to locate all of the countries and states that Polly has visited.

  4. I’ll tell you when I’m parent pick-up!!!ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Mrs.Schneider, Where is Polly’s favorite place to go?

  6. Mary-Katherine~
    Polly #3 loved going to Spain and Germany and she is looking forward to going to China during the summer of 2012. In the United States she loves going to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Do you have a favorite travel location?

  7. Yes,I have two favorite places. The places are North Carolina and Ohio. I travel to both with my family. Has Polly been to either place?

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