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Dear Readers~

As I hop around the world, I’m sure to garner some attention, and I must admit that I do love being in the limelight! If you see me featured in the newspaper or anywhere else, please contact me and let me know about it. I would love to read the article and link to the site.


Polly in the News…
Breakfast with Lesley and Jamie (WEPM 1340AM)
2010 Special Edition of Wonderful West Virginia Magazine
Martinsburg Journal
Main Street Martinsburg

I just recently joined the C&O Canal Association and I showed up for one of their monthly hikes, this particular one starting at McMahon’s Mill (Maryland). A few miles into the hike I started chatting with a fellow hiker named Lisa. She looked down at Polly who was sitting in the bottle holder of my waist pack and asked, “Was there a newspaper article written about her a few weeks ago?” She was referring to Polly’s story in the Martinsburg Journal. I indicated yes and she continued, “I don’t think I would have recognized you, but I definitely recognized your frog!” Can you imagine how hard I laughed? I loved it!

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