An idyllic place located deep in the Spanish Mountains

Map of Valdelavilla

Map of Valdelavilla and surrounding areas

Valdelavilla was originally a farming village dating back to the 18th century and is located in the hills of Soria in northern Spain, about a three hour drive from Madrid. It had narrow streets, no running water and little opportunity for electricity because of the expense involved in wiring it.

The almost total lack of electricity meant that the people living here didn’t have much contact with the outside world, even through television. In the 1960’s, mostly due to this sense of isolation, the villager’s moved out and the village went into ruins.


Valdelavilla holds many happy memories for me!

The village is located in a valley which is reached by a hair-raising ride on twisting and winding roads. As we approached the village in our full size tour bus we were told by Davy, our master of ceremonies, to look out at him and not at the road. Well, of course Debbie and Candee looked! I was the only smart one because I decided to keep my eyes closed. I was told that I was a very wise frog for doing that!

Polly at Valdelavilla

Checking out the gorgeous view!

There are about twelve traditional stone-walled houses which are located on cobblestone streets. It’s thought that there were probably never more than about thirty families living here at one time.

Valdelavilla house

This is a picture of the house I stayed in with Debbie and Candee


Candee likes to call it the house that Bilbo Baggins built because everyone that entered had to duck down~except me!


We sure got a workout going up and down the steps in our little house!


Check out the cute little sitting area on the second floor of my little cottage


This is in the living room on the first floor.


It was in the late 1990’s that it was restored and was to be used as a conference center. It became an ideal location for the Pueblos Ingles program exactly because of the isolation of the area. It was the perfect place to work on English speaking skills due to fewer distractions which you would find in more populated areas.


It has a very rustic and magical feel about it that was very appealing, especially combined with the close knit group of Anglos and Spaniards that enjoyed the property together.


Pictured are Amy, Patricia M, Lucy, Marta, Debbie, Candee, Judith, Virginia and Blanca

There are wonderful areas to walk and view the picturesque countryside that surrounds the village. We spent many enjoyable hours walking and talking with our new Spanish friends.

Pictured are Amy, Patricia M, Lucy, Marta, Debbie, Candee, Judith, Virginia and Blanca

The panoramic views, quaintness of the area and wonderful people made the whole experience into something we won’t quickly forget.


Just between you and me, I’m going to try to talk Debbie and Candee into taking me back to Valdelavilla next year.

Wish me luck!

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