Vallee de Joux, Switzerland

If you like snow, you would love Switzerland in the Winter!

Today I went for a walk in the snow, in a Swiss valley called the Valley of Games (in French this is ‘Vallee de Joux’).

This area is very popular with people who like cross-country skiing and also with those who hike. When they hike, they wear snowshoes (called ‘racquettes’ in French) to help make it easier. I didn’t have any snowshoes with me, but I managed just fine… I can jump in big leaps of course!

The area is full of snow now in February, and the trees are really huge. There is also a massive lake called Lac de Joux, which freezes in Winter. You can walk on the edges of it, and sometimes – when they put up Green Flags – you can even ice-skate in the middle.

I couldn’t skate today though, because there was snow on the lake. This keeps the ice below it warm, which means it melts and the surface isn’t too strong. When there is no snow and just ice, that’s the best time for skating!

And how cold was it? Well about -5C (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Quite cold really, but because I’m a furry frog I was still warm enough.

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6 Responses to “Polly visits Games Valley (Vallee de joux) in Switzerland (Polly #18)”

  1. Wow, it looks like Polly #18 is going to have a wonderful time in Switzerland with all the great things to see and do.

  2. Oh, I do love the snow and it looks like Polly does too! Great story…thanks for your post!

  3. Switzerland looks a lot like West Virginia right now–lots of snow and mountains in the background. I really like your story and picture and am looking forward to Polly #18’s adventures.

  4. Polly likes waffles. I want a Polly!
    I like your post. Polly is funny!
    (Mrs. Schneider’s students)

  5. Joux means “forest” not games

    Désolée, le mot Joux signifie forêt et non Games (jeux)…

  6. Joux means “forest” not games…
    Désolée, le mot Joux signifie forêt et non Games (jeux)…