Polly started her Norwegian trip visiting the old town in Bergen.

Norway is known for its troll stories. Polly met a troll waving the Norwegian flag.


This is the ship Polly traveled in up the Norwegian coast.

At Alesund the trade is mainly fishing. "Not me, I'm just a tourist," cries Polly.

"Oh no! Not again. I'm just a tourist!"

Svolvaer is a port north of Bergen, on the way to the Arctic Circle!

Polly felt quite at home at sea, although it was a bit colder than she was used to. Behind Polly is the Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse, considered to be the most beautiful one on the Norwegian coastline.

The Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse is an unusual shape.

Polly preferred the warmth of her cabin because it was very cold outside.

The Arctic Circle lies at 66.33 degrees north and is marked with a globe.

At the Arctic Circle Polly met Neptune, king of all the sea.

Everyone who crosses the Arctic Circle is presented with a certificate by King Neptune.

Past the Arctic Circle it began to snow. Snow is frozen rain and very, very cold. So Polly had to dress up in something warm.

Properly dressed, Polly could then go up on deck and look at the white world.

At one point the ship had to shelter from a force 10 storm. Polly thought she would check the lifeboats were all OK, just in case.

Eventually the ship made it safely to Honningsvag, right up in the north of Norway.

At Honningsvag Polly met Bamse, a famous St. Bernard dog which lived on board the 'Thorodd', a ship used as a minesweeper during World War II. Bamse was so loyal and brave that when he died in 1944 he was buried with full military honours.

"No, no, I'm a tourist!"

Fortunately Polly met some friends who didn't try to eat her. Here they are on deck enjoying the sunrise at 10.30 in the morning. In mid November the sun hardly rises above the horizon this far north. It sets again at 12.30pm.

At Risoyhamn the captain has to steer the ship through a very narrow channel where the water is only 7 metres deep. Polly is quite pleased to see land nearby.

Because Norway is full of mountains and fjords, they have had to build lots of tunnels under the water and long bridges for the roads.

Polly watches anxiously to see if the ship will be able to go under the bridge. She wonders if the captain needs her help.

Finally the ship delivers Polly safely back in Bergen, her Arctic adventure is over.



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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing your experience and several interesting facts. Toss in some humor and…voila…awesome post!

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    How old is Polly what boat did you go on. I loved your post. I think that your post is great. I love the picture of Polly at the water house.

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