Polly the Travel Frog in Kassel, Germany

Hanging Out in the Backyard

Hi! I’m now living in Kassel, Germany. Officially, my name is Polly #40, but since moving here, I answer to Friedrich der reisende Frosch (That means Friedrich the Travel Frog in German!)

Kassel, Germany is located about two hours north of Frankfurt, Germany, and as much as I love living here, I wanted to show a little bit of American pride in my pictures. Maybe I should explain my German/American connection. I belong to Thea who not only happens to be German, but is also the mom to Pierre, who is married to Candee, who happens to an American. Confused? Don’t be, I’m just proud of my German-American heritage!

I’m looking forward to posting more pictures and stories from my new home!

Polly the Travel Frog in Kassel, Germany

Frog #40--Living in house #40, Coincidence? I don't think so!

Polly the Travel Frog in Kassel, Germany

Polly and Old Glory

Polly the Travel Frog in Kassel, Germany

Easter in Germany


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5 Responses to “Polly #40 in Kassel, Germany”

  1. It sounds like Polly #40 is going to have a great time living in Kassel, Germany. I like the pictures and can’t wait to see more.

    I know Pierre and Candee, and I’d love to go to Germany myself one day to meet Pierre’s mom. I haven’t visited Germany yet, so visiting his mom (and Polly #40), would give me the perfect reason to go…not that Travel Frogs need a reason to travel!

  2. I hope Polly learns how to speak German, and then when she does, she can teach us!

  3. Polly sieht sehr gut aus…hmmm ich meine Friedrich.

    Gruss Hans aus Stuttgart

  4. Thank you for posting to the site! I can’t wait to see more “Polly in Germany” pictures!

  5. I think your pictures are really nice–great post!