Last week Thea took me to Frühlingsausstellung in downtown Kassel,Germany, and after a long winter it was a welcome escape! This indoor home and garden show is held every Fall and Spring, and Thea looks forward to attending every year. I know the German word, is really long, but it’s easy to understand if you know the individual parts. Frühling means Spring, and Ausstellung translates approximately to trade show.

Sitting Pretty!


Thea bought several pots and pans from one of the kitchen exhibits , but was very excited about the garden area. An avid gardener, she always looks forward to buying new plants each spring.

After a long cold winter, this scene was a welcome change!


One potato, two potato, three potato, more!





I loved how these colorful veggies were artistically arranged in the rich-colored dirt.

Little Blooms!

While we were walking around, we met some children from a local Kindergarten class. They were attending the show to learn about plants and flowers, and they even had the chance to help plant a garden! Playing in the dirt is fun!

Planting a Garden in Kindergarten

Before heading home, Thea and I sat down and enjoyed a typical German lunch–Bockwurst mit Brötchen und Senf. Oh, sorry…since living here I’ve been learning to speak German. Let me translate…We had a special sausage called Bockwurst served on a hard roll with mustard. Yum! I was hoping for a few fried flies, but the Bockwurst was delcious!

Having Fun with Some Froggy Friends!

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6 Responses to “Polly #40 attends Frühlingsausstellung”

  1. Great post, Polly #40! Your pictures are so bright and colorful! I especially like the picture with you and the German school children. They are so cute! 🙂

  2. I really like the pictures! Very nice!

  3. Love the pictures, the show sounds like fun. I look forward to more of your stories from Germany.

  4. The flowers and veggies are colorful and nice, BUT I really like the shirt!


  6. Hi Piper…
    I was excited to visit your class yesterday. Thanks for writing! Please visit my site again sometime soon!
    Polly #3