Polly skates in the Netherlands

Having Fun with my New Friends!

A few weeks ago I arrived in Geesbrug, Holland, and I’m really enjoying it here. Recently, I went ice skating with Arjen and the rest of his cycling group, because the weather was too bad for riding. We went to the nearby town of Blokzijl, which is about 8 kilometers away (5 miles), and we skated on a frozen canal/lake. I had a wonderful day with the “Peddelaars” from Hoogeveen. To give you an impression of how it was, I have enclosed some pictures.

Blokzijl, Netherlands

Where are your bicycles?

I hope Gerben and Arjen will take me out soon to have some fun in Holland. I hope you liked the pictures as much, as I enjoyed the skating trip!
Greetings from Holland!

by Gerben
(Geesbrug, Netherlands)

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8 Responses to “Polly #21 Skates in the Netherlands”

  1. I love this picture! Do most kids from Holland have speed skates or do you think that’s one of the world’s stereotypes about the Netherlands? When I watched the recent Winter Olympics it seemed like the Dutch were all about speed skating!

  2. One more thing to add to Polly’s talents–skating!

  3. That looks like fun but I bet it gets very cold. I would need warm clothing if I ever tried that. Could I find ice skates in my size?

  4. I like bicycling more than anything. I can’t wait to see your upcoming pictures! Until then, I really enjoyed the skating story and photos

  5. Which do you like better? Skating or riding?

  6. Not all the people have ice skates in Holland ;).
    But you can find them in all sizes!
    My brother prefers cycling the most! But he also likes ice skating

  7. That was a good post! I like the pictures!

  8. I saw the first song where Polly is hopping around. You know the song on the homepage. I saw Polly skating with the Netherlands on it!