When Polly #2 stayed in Donegal on her trip to Ireland, as usual she couldn’t resist checking out the nearby bay. Donegal Bay is an inlet on the Atlantic Ocean in the northwest of Ireland. It is Ireland’s largest bay, and has some of the best surfing in Europe due to it’s location and shape. On the day Polly visited, it was overcast and windy, bus she enjoyed spending time there anyway!

An overcast day on Donegal Bay

Polly #2 loves to check out different beaches

Another view of the beach













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3 Responses to “Polly #2 was at Donegal Bay”

  1. Was anyone on the beach besides you?

  2. Yes, there were actually several other people there when we were there. There was a family there that we talked to for awhile, and they had just started to walk up the beach when I took these pictures

  3. It looks like a scene from a movie…lonely but beautiful.