What can I say about London? I love it!


London is such a wonderful place to visit because of all the wonderful sights to see and all the history everywhere. One thing I really enjoyed was seeing everything in real life that I’ve only seen on TV, in pictures or have read about. It’s so amazing to walk down the street and see Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, West Minster Abbey or Big Ben in front of you. Even the double decker buses and red telephone booths are something to experience.

I don’t think I will ever tire of walking down a London street and seeing amazing and interesting sights. People here are very friendly and helpful which makes the experience that much more meaningful.

Tower Bridge

Tower bridge is so pretty and is one of my favorite London landmarks!




The Tower Bridge is often called London Bridge by mistake, but London Bridge is actually the next bridge upstream on the Thames River. The Tower Bridge is close to the Tower of London and that’s how it got it’s name. It’s a very pretty, almost Cinderella-like structure that is a well know symbol of London.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Another well know sight in London










Another well know sight in London is St. Paul’s Cathedral. The present building dates from the 17th century and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It’s a busy working church that holds daily services and has witnessed Jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria, peace services marking the end of World War I and World War II, several funerals of important Londoners and the marriage of Price Charles and Lady Diana, among other important events.

Buckingham Palace

I think a Frog Princess like me would definitely fit in at Buckingham Palace!

Westminster Abbey

Another well known sight in London








Westminster Abbey is a mainly Gothic Church in the Westminster section of London. There have been daily worship services here since the middle of the 10th century, and it’s known as the Coronation Church for British Monarchy. In addition to that, many royal weddings take place here and is also the final resting place for 17 monarchs.

red phone booth

Hanging out with my friends Lucy and Glen in London!








Phone booths in London are another well known sight. It’s common to see people poses for pictures in and beside them, just like I did with Lucy and Glen. The color red was used for them to make them easy to spot, and it sure works!

London Eye

What a great way to look out over the exciting city of London!















Over 3.5 million people visit the London Eye yearly. It’s the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom and is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe at the height of 443 feet, according to Wikipedia. From the time it was erected in 1999, until 2006, it was the tallest one in the world.







London Eye

We're really high up in the air!







When the wheel was first erected, it was supposed to only be open for 5 years. Because of it’s popularity, that was changed and it was made into a permanent attraction. There are 32 egg shaped capsules on the wheel and each one holds 25 people with room to walk around and look at the beautiful panoramic views. One revolution takes about 30 minutes.

London eye

A beautiful view over the city of London!













The Ferris wheel is located on the banks of the River Thames in Central London. It was originally called the British Airways London Eye, but is now called the London Eye or Millenium Wheel.

Trafalgar Square

I'm not afraid of the lion statues in the square!







Trafalgar Square is also a tourist attraction in central London, and is one of the most famous square in the United Kingdom and the world. Nelson’s Column is in the center and is surrounded by four large lion statues. There are always lots of people climbing onto the backs of the lions to have their pictures taken.

Big Ben

It's easy to keep track of time with Big Ben around!













Big Ben is the largest four-faced chiming clock and the third tallest free standing clock tower in the world, according to Wikipedia. Many people call the clock or the clock tower Big Ben, but the name is actually the nickname of the large bell of the clock.









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13 Responses to “Polly #2 tours London”

  1. Great pictures. I especially love the picture of Buckingham Palace!

  2. Did you see any soldiers while you were in London?

  3. Al,

    We saw the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace, but no soldiers this time. I think you’d love to see London and especially the Guards! Thanks for checking out the post!

  4. i would like to go on that ferris wheel

  5. Ims,

    I think you would really enjoy it. Each capsule on the wheel holds about 25 people and there are 32 capsules, so about 800 people can be on it at one time. The view from the wheel out over London is beautiful!

  6. Did you ever see a doubledecker bus?

  7. Not only did I see one, I’ve been able to take a ride on one!

  8. Those pictures look very nice.How was the ride on the doubledecker bus?

  9. Trenton,

    It was a lot of fun, especially because I sat on the top of the bus and could look all around to see the sights. It was great!

  10. ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I am from England! I have been there about 10 times and I just love it!

  11. I am only 7 and I’ve been on the double decker bus. I have also seen Big Ben.

  12. Charleigh,

    I love England too, but I’ve only been there 6 times. You’re lucky that you can visit there so often!

    Polly #2

  13. Charleigh,

    Wasn’t it exciting to see all those great things in England?

    Polly #2