While I was visiting Barcelona recently, I decided to go on a short cruise along the coast so I could see Barcelona from another angle. It’s a beautiful city to explore on foot, and just as beautiful from the water!


The Port of Barcelona is a popular place for cruise ships to go in and out of


This boat is just like the one I went on


This was a wonderful way to get another perspective of the city of Barcelona


The Columbus Monument is located at the site where Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to America. It was constructed for the Exposición Universal de Barcelona in 1888, and is important because it serves as a reminder that Barcelona is where Christopher Columbus reported to Queen Isabella and Ferdinand after Columbus’ most famous trip.


The Columbus Monument was located very close to where I boarded the boat for my cruise along the coast of Barcelona

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  1. WOW!!! Nice Post!Kind Regards

  2. It looks like Polly enjoyed the boat ride!

  3. Nice pic…

  4. That is a fantastic picture! Do you have fun there? It looks like a fun place!