When we crossed the Irish Sea from Dublin to Holyhead, we were on the Ulysses ferry. This is the largest car ferry on the Irish Sea and is really something to see. It’s so much like a cruise ship, that we almost didn’t want to get off!



Water as far as the eye can see!





I enjoyed walking around on the deck and looking out at the water as we sailed across the sea!





We're really going fast!









I didn’t realize how fast we were going until I went on the deck and saw how much water was churning off the back of the ship.



Boy, these seats sure were comfortable!



Checking out my location on the ship!





I was sure glad there were maps of the ship everywhere. The ship was so large that it was easy to get lost.



I could get used to living like this!










The ship had everything you could need. There were several restaurants, a movie theater, video games, observation decks, promenade decks, shops, and more. What a relaxing way to travel!







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