When I visited Venice recently, I stayed in a beach resort called Lido Di Jesolo. It’s located on the Mediterranean Sea, and I couldn’t resist trying out the water…it was still a bit chilly!

I love going to the beach!

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5 Responses to “Polly #2 Spent a Day at a Beach in Italy!”

  1. Thomas & Jonathan
    April 27th, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Did polly have fun? Did Polly swim in the water? Did Polly throw you in the water? Did Polly bury you in the sand? Next time plase put on more pictures. I like your picture!

  2. Polly did have fun, but wasn’t able to swim in the water because it was a little too chilly, and she forgot her bathing suit!

    No, Polly didn’t bury me in the sand or throw me in the water because she was on her best behavior.

    Thanks for the nice words about my pictures. I have a lot more stories to put on the website about Polly’s adventures in Italy, so there will be a lot more pictures soon!

  3. I love the beach!

  4. Dear Polly#2,

    Was the beach pretty?

    From Arianna

  5. The beach was pretty, and I had it almost to myself because it was a little cool and windy when I was there.