I was so excited to return to Europe! My first trip was last year when I went to Spain with Debbie and Candee, and I had a blast! Because I’m a Travel Frog, every adventure is as exciting to me.


I love to follow the plane and it's progress while I'm flying.

Here we’re approaching London, England where we had to change planes before continuing on to Ireland to begin our tour! Okay, I guess I better let you in on a little secret…things aren’t always smooth sailing when you’re traveling. One thing you have to learn is that things happen and it’s all part of the adventure of travel. Our trip had a bit of a problem at the beginning, but it was nothing we couldn’t take care of .

When we arrived in London, we were exhausted from our overnight flight and were anxious to get on the next plane and wing out way to Shannon airport. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the control tower and all flights to Shannon were cancelled. You guessed it…that meant we were stuck in London Heathrow airport.

The good thing to know is that we didn’t panic…we patiently waited in line to solve the problem of how we were going to get to Ireland. It turned out that Debbie struck up a conversation with a woman who was heading to Ireland with her boyfriend to visit his family. Her boyfriend found out about a flight that was going to Cork and he was told that they could be shuttled to Shannon airport from there.

When it was our turn at the ticket counter, we asked to be put on that flight and made it to Ireland hours sooner than if we would have waited for a direct flight into Shannon. Like I said, travel is an adventure and sometimes you have to be flexible in order to have things work out!


Waiting patiently on the plane to take off for our trip to Europe

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