Polly #2 was very excited when she found out that she would be attending a “football” match in Barcelona. “Football” is what people around the world call the game that we know as soccer in the United States. According to a lot of people she talked to, Polly found out that Barcelona’s team is considered the best in the world.

We had to walk for a very long time, but it was very exciting when we finally arrived at our entrance gate to the stadium!

I kept watching the scoreboard, and was very happy when "my" team was winning!












Polly couldn't believe how big Barcelona's stadium is...it holds almost 100,000 people!


When the players finally got to my side of field, I was so excited that I almost hopped down onto the field!




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3 Responses to “Polly #2 Attended a “Football” Match in Barcelona, Spain!”

  1. Lots of green…it’s no surprise that you loved it, Polly!

  2. I bet you had a blast! My favorite team is DC United!

  3. Jazzy Jeff, I can honestly say that it was quite an experience to see a stadium as large as that, and to watch a world class team like Barcelona play!