I never get tired of touring around the Blarney area of Ireland. We all know what Blarney Castle is famous for…the Blarney Stone of course! I must say that I kissed it several years ago and it worked, because I definitely have the “gift of gab”!


I might have to rest here after climbing all the steps to the stone!

Blarney Castle

Janie and I can't wait to get to the Castle!


I made sure i paid attention to the rules!

Blarney Castle

View from the top of the Castle

The Rock of Cashel is mostly all ruins now and dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Before the Norman invasion it was the traditional seat of the kings of Munster. You can see Celtic art and medieval architecture along the ruins and it’s a very impressive site as you come upon the mountain leading up to it.

According to local mythology, the Rock of Cashel originated in the Devil’s Bit, an area not too far to the north of Cashel, when St. Patrick banished Satan from a cave, resulting in the rock’s landing in Cashel.

Rock of Cashel

Now this is what I call old!

Another view of the ruins

The rock has pretty views from the top

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2 Responses to “Polly #2 at Blarney Castle and the Rock of Cashel”

  1. hey i saw some videos they are cool. the one i saw was with polly under water.

  2. Hi Madison,
    I agree with you–that video was awesome! Polly #12’s owner took her scuba diving! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Thanks for visiting the site.