I guess I could start off by saying that the signs in England shouldn’t be too much different from what we’re used to in the USA. But when you see this picture, I think you’ll agree with me that you’ve never seen a name of a town that looks quite like this.


I'm not even going to try to pronounce this one!


Point me in the right direction!

I almost missed this sign that welcomed us to Wales as we got off the ferry.


We're in Wales!

This sign was posted in the lobby of our hotel in Llangollen.


This means you!


This sign is in Welsh


I'm off to the castle!

After reading all the signs in Wales that were in Welsh, it was a bit of relief to head off to London because I didn’t have to worry about figuring out what most of the signs meant.

The first sign is a very helpful one for tourists. It’s very helpful to have it pointed out which way to look for traffic  when crossing the road, especially when you’re used to it coming from the other direction!


Be careful out there!

I like to use the underground tube system in London. It’s very easy to use as a way to go all over the city and the signs such as the following one make it a breeze to locate a nearby entrance to get on.


An easy way to travel around London!


Even some of the taxis have murals on them in London


Do you think they'll let me into Buckingham Palace if I show up?

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2 Responses to “Polly #2 and signs of England”

  1. Blimey, guv’nah! ‘andin’ me bloomin’ dagger to the innkeeper? Bloody well not, mate!

    I never realized that signs are as much of a part of travel as the sights, sounds, and people of a given area. Your “signs of the world” posts are very colorful and interesting.

  2. I know these are probably very ordinary signs to people that see them every day, but I think they’re very interesting.