Chilling at the beach near Agrigento

June, 2010, and off I went again to wonderful boot-shaped Italy.

We started our trip by heading to the North East coast of the country, specifically the wonderful old-fashioned, canal-filled city of Venice. What a place, it is seriously special.

You can’t really drive or take a bus – instead you have to move from island to island by water taxi (these are cheap and very regularly, so it’s no bother). How cooool!

We saw some pictures at the Peggy Guggenheim museum ( by famous painters like Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dali. Wow… if you go, get the multimedia guide, it really explain everything you are seeing. We also ate some local pasta called ‘bigoli in salsa’. So tasty… the sauce was dribbling down my chin! 😉

After Venice we flew down south, off the bottom coast of Italy to the charming Italy of Sicily. It’s not full of mafia at all, it’s beautiful (and seriously hot – did you know it is actually quite close to Northern Africa!?). First we stayed in a bed-and-breakfast in the ancient little town of Syracuse (not the one in America! Can you find this one on a map?), then we spent a few days on an olive farm 3 hours drive away, close to a town called Agrigento (see the picture of me going to the beach!).

No pasta making this time, just sun, nice meals, some fancy Italian culture and smiley times. Lovely!

Harry's Bar

Outside Harry's Bar (I didn't go in!), in Venice


Taking a water taxi in Venice-the luxury!

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Polly #18’s Quick 2-Stop Italian Tour

  1. I took a look at the Guggenheim website. It looks like you saw some cool stuff! I liked looking at the African sculptures, etc. Plus, anytime you can get REAL pasta in Italy you’re doing very well. Thanks for the information!

  2. Like Polly #5, I looked at the Guggenheim website….very interesting! I also found Syracuse & Agrigento on the map using (international setting!) I wanted to take you up on the challenge you issued because I wasn’t 100% sure where both cities were located. Now I know! 🙂 Great post!