This is the beginning of the Great Glen Way -- a 79-mile walk through the Highlands of Scotland. I walked the first 33-1/2 miles, from Fort William to Fort Augustus.


This marks either the beginning or the end of the Great Glen Way walk. For me, it was the beginning.


This is me in front of the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. I didn't climb, or even hop, up it -- but it's beautiful.


This is the tent that I slept in for seven nights while in Scotland. It kept me warm, dry, and cozy. The best part? I could pitch this tent anywhere that I wanted to!


This is me with my hat and trekking poles. The hat kept the sun out of my eyes and the trekking poles helped me keep my balance.


I found this school after I'd hiked 15 miles. I'd love to go to this school every day!


We found a cafe here after 24 miles of hiking. We had our first hot meal here and a chance to sit in a real chair.


After a few nights in a tent, we were ready to have a shower, a real bed, and a chance to do some laundry. Good times!

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