by Matt

Rapallo, Italy

Last weekend I learned how to make fresh pasta in Italy

First I traveled from Lausanne in Switzerland – for 5 hours by car – to a town called Rapallo, which is by the sea in North West Italy. (The nearest city to Rapallo is called Genoa, while Rapallo is just 5km or 3 miles from a very popular little bay called Portofino.)


I really enjoyed the drive. I love seeing new things!

In Rapallo I met Matt, the British guy from the Pasta Recipes Made Easy website, and his friendly Italian mamma-in-law Marisa.

Making Pasta in Italy

"Polly, Don't play with your food!"

They taught me how to make fresh pasta from scratch using just general-purpose flour, eggs and salt. It’s really easy!

When we had made our dough, we rolled it really flat using a rolling pin, before folding it into strips and cutting it into ‘tagliatelle’ pasta shapes.

Finally, we made a nice oniony ‘Genovese’ sauce and enjoyed a really tasty lunch.

Making Pasta in Italy

Grab a fork! Delicious!

Wow, fresh pasta tastes much nicer than the packet stuff you buy in the store. I’ll definitely be making it again!

While I was in Rapallo, I also managed to leave the kitchen long enough to explore the town and relax by the sea. It’s only April still at the moment (this was Easter weekend), but the temperature in Rapallo was still nice and warm.

Rapallo Bay, Italy

Rapallo Bay

What a great place! As they say in Italy, it is ‘benissimo‘ (great)!

Polly #18

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7 Responses to “Making fresh pasta in Rapallo, Italy (Polly #18)”

  1. Hi Polly #18,

    I’m planning on going to Italy over Easter next year. I’m looking forward to eating some delicious, fresh pasta too! I think Polly #3 may be joining me there as well.

  2. Are you sure you don’t want to rename your website to: Pasta Polly

    And the tag line can be: Let Pasta Polly Show You How to Make Perfect Pasta!

  3. I would love to learn how to make pasta from an Italian mother-in-law! I’m lucky when mine makes macaroni and cheese from a box!

  4. The Junk Food Gourmet
    April 7th, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    That looks a lot better than the chicken salad sandwich I just bought at Sheetz!

  5. That Kimmie really “croaks” me up!

  6. A frog can never be too careful while wearing her Polly the Travel Frog T-Shirt. One exuberant slurp and the sauce will be all over that little white shirt of hers! The bib was a good idea!

  7. There’s nothing like fresh pasta, and it sounds like there’s no better place for Polly to learn about it than in Italy! A friend made a pasta meal from scratch many years ago, and I remember how good it was.