The bear and the tree below is the symbol of Madrid Spain. It’s not quite clear why, but it has been suggested that the image represents the unity of clergy (the tree) and nobility (the bear) that ruled Madrid in the middle ages.

Madrid Coat of Arms

Recently I had the opportunity to explore this beautiful city with Debbie and Candee. Even though we didn’t know much about it, we were excited to have the chance to experience the many delights the city has to offer.

And We’re Off!

We departed the US in the early evening for an overnight flight to Madrid. Even though it was a long flight (almost 8 hours), we made the most of it by chatting with some of the other passengers. They were pretty impressed by the fact that a real life Travel Frog was on board.

At the Madrid airport

New friends we met on the plane!

Polly at the airport in Madrid

Polly waits patiently with the luggage!

After arriving, clearing customs and finding our luggage, we had a while to wait because we were meeting a friend who was coming in on a later flight.


We quickly became experts at using the metro!

Since we’re budget minded travelers, Debbie, Candee and I don’t mind using the metro whenever possible. It was a long ride on several different lines from the airport to our hotel but it saved us a lot of money.

We highly recommend using the metro because it’s so easy to use, that even a Travel Frog can use it.

During our time in this fascinating city, we were able to experience many of the delights the city has to offer. We toured the Royal Palace Madrid, some of the plazas, and Retiro Park (as well as the Crystal Palace which is located inside the park) among other things.

Walking Around Madrid: Lace up your shoes and see what Madrid has to offer.

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