Just call me, 'The Supervisor'!

When I was visiting Thea in Germany, she taught me how to make Leckerli. Imagine the best spice cookie you’ve ever tasted and that wouldn’t even come close to describing how scrumptious these cookies are! Originally from Switzerland, they are chewy, sweet, spicy AND delicious! Many years ago, Thea owned and operated her own bakery, so obviously, she definitely knows her way around a kitchen. She was a great teacher!

Rollin' rollin', rollin'!

I'm sure you've heard the expression, 'A watched pot never boils.' I wonder if that applies to ovens and baking, too. Are they done yet?

Finished and ready to eat!

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7 Responses to “Leckerli-Made in Germany with Love by Polly #13”

  1. Did you bring any home with you for your friends to try? (hint, hint)

  2. I want some!

  3. Where did you get those awesome shoes, mate?

  4. The cookies look so good!

  5. Dear Polly #13,

    Will you please bake Mrs. Butler and myself more of your delicious German cookies? Pretty please!!


  6. Hello Destiny,

    Well, I’d like to bake some more German Christmas cookies, but I don’t know the recipe, only my mom knows it and it will be very difficult to find all the ingredients here. Maybe we’ll get lucky and my mom will send some cookies from Germany this year.

    Polly #13 (a.k.a Mr. Schneider)

  7. Destiny and Jennifer
    October 28th, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Dear Mr.Schneider,
    Why don’t you go to Germany after Halloween so you can get the recipe for your mom’s cookies. If you don’t want go to Germany, you can call your mom.
    From Destiny and Jennifer