It rains a lot in Scotland, so I was very lucky to be in Edinburgh on a beautiful, sunny day. This picture shows you how tall Scott Monument really is.

Scott Monument is very big and very tall. You can climb 287 steps to get to the top. Easy work for a jumper like me.

This statue of Sir Walter Scott shows him writing with a quill pen and being adored by his dog, Maida. He was a Deerhound and also Scott's favorite dog . . . but I'm his favorite frog, of course.

Scotland has a famous author and his name is Sir Walter Scott. He wrote "Waverly," "Rob Roy," and "Ivanhoe." He died in 1832, but many of his words are things that we say today in everyday language! He has a very large monument built in his honor in the center of Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh.

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One Response to “Great Scott!”

  1. I read several of Scott’s novels and poems in college. This brings back memories!