Polly #40 recently got together with her German family to celebrate Elena’s birthday. Polly had a great time. She met new friends and also had the chance to try a type of chocolate called, interestingly enough, Kinder Friends. Kinder is the the German word for children.

Kinder Friends!

Polly & Sven

Open Your Eyes Thea!

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5 Responses to “Fun with Family & Friends (Polly#40)”

  1. The box in the first picture caught my attention. What are Kinder Friends? I’m guessing that it’s some kind of snack food.

  2. Jazzy,

    It says in the third sentence that it’s a type of chocolate. By the way, I want some! Somebody get me a chocolate bar!

  3. Jazzy~
    Yes, it’s chocolate. It’s made by the same company that makes Kinder eggs…a chocolate egg that holds a toy surprise.

  4. My bad. I should’ve been paying closer attention. Anyway, I have to run…I’m suddenly craving chocolate!

  5. I love Kinder eggs! I just thought you might want to know.