Who would have thought that part of the fun and games would be a “Frognapping”!

Judith and Lucy

Two of my new friends! Don't they look so innocent? Don't be fooled!

After we were there a couple of days, I was so popular that people were constantly asking me to join them for the day.

Well, one day I was hanging out with my friends Judith and Lucy when Pablo, the program director, approached me with an idea.

Pablo thought it would be funny to frognap me without Debbie and Candee knowing. Of course I thought it was a great idea and went along with it. I’m always ready for a little bit of fun!

Pablo and Polly

Let me tell you...Pablo isn't as innocent as he looks!

Debbie and Candee weren’t ruling out any suspects, but Pablo was #1 on their list of suspects!

Only a select few people knew what was going on and where Pablo was hiding me. In fact, many people at Valdelavilla thought that Candee and Debbie were in on it.


Accomplice #1 Adrian's not as innocent as he looks! Every time he was asked if he was involved, his reply was, "I know nothing!"


Accomplice #2 Antonio had them fooled as well! Just look at that smile! His mantra was, "Frog? What frog?"

I felt pretty bad knowing how much they worried about me, but I was having a great time being treated like a princess.

Missing poster

Debbie and Candee were desperate to find me! This is a missing poster they put out for me!

Frog legs

Pablo and I had a lot of fun fooling Debbie and Candee. The chef didn't even know how to cook frog legs~at least that's what Pablo told me!

Polly's return

After several days, Pablo finally returned me to my worried friends. They were so happy to see me!

Valdelavilla chef

They finally found out that I'd been hiding in the kitchen the whole time. Needless to say, I had plenty of good things to eat and drink! The chef, Jose Antonio, made sure of that! He was my friend and looked out for me.


Even sweet little Inma was in on the fun and games!


Had Debbie and Candee seen this picture earlier, there definitely wouldn't have been a question about who was involved!

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