These pictures were taken in the Spanish village of Valdelavilla, which is nestled in the mountains of the Soria region. This batch fed a large crowd, forty-four of us to be exact, and not only did it taste great but it was fun to watch it being prepared. Did I mention the smell? It was heavenly!

Getting everything ready

Paella is a delicious Spanish dish that is made with rice, olive oil, saffron, vegetables, and various types of meats.

This picture shows our chef, Jose Antonio, adding ingredients. Can you believe how big the pan is?

1 Paella, 2 Paella , 3 Paella, More…
Enough to feed a crowd of Forty-Four!

Almost finished...are you getting hungry yet?

Yum! Patricia, Paloma, and Linda gave Chef Jose Antonio's creation a rave review!

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