Carcassonne is a fortified medieval walled city in southwestern France, between Toulouse and Narbonne. It was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and is visited by more than 3 million people every year. Carcassone is basically a castle that is also a city and is referred to as La Cite de Carcassone. It has a double row of fortified walls that are almost two miles long with 56 watchtowers.


I can't wait to check out a medieval city, and it couldn't be a more beautiful day!

There were a lot of narrow, twisting walkways, and sometimes it seemed like we were lost!

A view of some of the watchtowers. I definitely think I'd feel safe in a place like this!

I couldn't wait to arrive in Spain, so I could have some of the wonderful paella. Believe it or not, the only place I had to time to eat some was in Carcassone! I'm so glad I was able to enjoy some was delicious!


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One Response to “Polly #2 Visited Carcassone in the South of France!”

  1. Polly is really getting around…check out Polly #7’s trip to another
    UNESCO World Heritage Site La Cite de Carcassone looks amazing! When I look at a structure like this, I can’t help but wonder about the people who built it. I wonder things like: How long did it take? How many people were involved? etc..

    On a side note, as you know, I love paella…I’m jealous!

    Great post!