Checking out a street in Belfast!

Belfast is the capital of and largest city in Northern Ireland. According to wikipedia, it’s the 15th largest city in the United Kingdom and the second largest on the island of Ireland, and the seat of the devolved government and legislative Northern Ireland Assembly.The city forms part of the largest urban area in Northern Ireland, and the main settlement in the province of Ulster.

Historically, Belfast has been a center for the Irish linen industry, tobacco production, rope-making and shipbuilding: the city’s main shipbuilders, Harland and Wolff, which built the ill-fated RMS Titanic, propelled Belfast on to the global stage in the early 20th century as the largest and most productive shipyard in the world. Belfast played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, establishing its place as a global industrial center until the latter half of the 20th century.

Check out the double decker bus that just went by!

This looks like it could be a city in the United States!

We had really good food at Robinson's the pub you can see across the street!

We only stopped in Belfast for a short time, but the highlight of the day was a delicious lunch at Robinson’s!

Steak and stout pie with chips~YUM!

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15 Responses to “Polly #2 Had Lunch in Belfast, Northern Ireland”

  1. Yum! The steak and stout pie looks good!

  2. I don’t think the man in the brown jacket(1st pic) realizes that there is a travel frog looking at him!

  3. I take it that Guinness is a major ingredient in the steak and stout pie. That does sound tasty!

  4. I’ve been reading your food posts. It looks like Polly has tried a bit of everything. The pie and chips looks really good!

  5. Dear Polly,

    I really liked the double-decked bus.

  6. I wasn’t able to ride one there, but I’ve been on one in London. I think you would like to ride one, and I hope you get a chance to someday!

  7. The pictures look amazing!

  8. Thanks Destiny,

    It was a lot of fun visiting Ireland, and I loved taking pictures of everything I saw!

    Polly #2

  9. Do you have fun traveling

  10. Dear Destiny,

    I LOVE to travel, and am always looking forward to my next trip!

    Polly #2

  11. Do you think you will have fun on your next trip?

  12. Laura and Destiny,

    I know I’ll have a lot of fun. One thing I’ll be seeing is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Have you ever heard of it, or seen a picture of it?

    Polly #2

  13. No I have not heard of it. or seen a picture of it.

  14. Destiny,

    The Eiffel Tower has a very distinctive look, and after you see it, you’ll always remember what it looks like. Make sure you check back after Spring break to see my Eiffel Tower pictures.

    Polly #2

  15. Okay, I will Polly #2 or I must say the green frog!