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Hi everyone,

I guess you have been wondering why haven’t posted lately.  Well it’s because things have really been hoppin’ in Mrs. Shickle’s class. Did I tell you that we learned about the life cycle of a duck. Mrs. Shickle ordered some duck eggs and put them in a special little house called an incubator, it was really cool, well actually it was rather warm, 99.5  degrees.   It took 28 days  and we were able watch  the duckling grow inside the shell by using a special scope. We were very sad that only one duck survived but he  is so cute. His name is Hercules, that’s because he was the only surviver so he must be strong.

We were also very busy ending the school year.   I plan to continue to post over the summer so please leave comments.


Polly #9

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3 Responses to “You Lucky Duck!!(Polly #9)”

  1. Very cute… It looks like Polly #9 has a new friend!

  2. Polly was a grrrrrreat friend to Hercules!

  3. The baby chick looks cute. Now Polly has a friend to cuddle up with.