Easter Frog

"Hoppy Easter!"

You’re not going to believe who I met this evening! The real honest to goodness Easter Bunny! Mrs. Shickle thought I should stay at school tonight and rest, because I’ve been doing so much at all of my sleep overs.

Well, I think the real reason she wanted me to stay at school was to meet E.B.(that’s what his friends call him). I was just about to fall asleep when in he hopped! I could not believe it! He had lots of treats for the children and he even let me help fill their bags. It was so much fun. I told him that if he ever needed help on Easter Eve. just let me know, and you know what he did?

He made me an honorary Easter Frog. I even have my own bunny ears, I was so excited that I put on my matching bunny slippers. E.B. really liked them.

He also brought some fun activities for the students, we’re going to do a lot of activities with Jelly Beans! Now I know what they are. E.B. let me taste one, they’re not as good as flies, but still pretty tasty. I like the black ones because they remind me of flies. I can’t wait for the students to come to school tomorrow!

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