bunny slippers

"I love them! Thank you!"

My new bunny slippers!!

Mr. Schneider thank you so much for my new bunny slippers! I love them! I feel like I’m hopping on air!
Love, Polly # 9

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10 Responses to “What’s Small, White, and Oh So Cute?”

  1. The snake picture is amazing! But, in order to stay out of trouble, I’m going to have to vote for the bunny slippers.

  2. Every time I look, Polly #9 has pretty new outfits to wear. She is so lucky. I think the new bunny slippers look great!

  3. Polly you are so cute with your new slippers! Why don’t you get some fly slippers? Would you eat them? I hope the Easter Bunny brings you some! Bye Polly see you later!

    Love Christopher and his Mommy

  4. To be honest, I wanted to buy the cool European soccer shoes with black socks, but someone poked me in my side the whole time and said we should buy the “cute” bunny slippers.

    Mr Schneider

    P.S. Who liked the snake picture?

  5. Dear Polly,

    We like your new slippers because they are colorful. They look so cute. Aiden said, “I had trouble putting your slippers on last night because your feet were too big.” We have two questions for you. Why do you like bunny slippers? Did you have a fun time at Kai’s house and Aiden’s house?

    Mrs. Shickle’s Class

  6. Christopher, do they make fly slippers? I would love to have some, do you know where I could buy them? Maybe you’re right the Easter Bunny could bring me some.

    Polly # 9

  7. Those are cute slippers. I like them. They’re so cute.

  8. Dear Mrs. Shickle,

    I love Polly’s cute and funny bunny slippers.


  9. Dear ML

    I love Polly’s slippers too, wouldn’t it be fun to have our very own bunny slippers!

    Mrs. Shickle

  10. Dear Walker,

    I’m glad you like my slippers, I just love them. It was so nice of Mr. Schneider to get them for me!

    Love Polly