Polly's Birthday

Jacob, I Love It!

Today is my birthday and it’s also St. Patrick’s Day. Mrs. Shickle hosted a party for me in her classroom, but I think she’s going to write about it, so I’ll let her tell you all of the details.

Jacob, one of my friends from school, made a gift for me. I posted a picture so you can see it. Isn’t it the coolest thing in the world? He said it’s the Blarney Stone, and it’s green like me! Jacob, thank you so much for thinking of me.

My Birthday Party!

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3 Responses to “Today is my Birthday!”

  1. Wow! Your students are very talented! They are great writers, and artistic too!

  2. The Blarney Stone is a great birthday present!

  3. Hi Polly,
    I am glad you liked the Blarney Stone! I hope you had a great birthday and St. Patrick’s day!