Healthy Teeth are Cool!

Hi Boys, Girls, and Adult Fans of Polly #9,

Remember when we talked about George Washington’s teeth? I now know why it’s so important to take good care of your teeth (if you have them) and why George probably lost all of his.

Mrs. Shickle taught us about something called Dental Health this week…that means keeping your teeth healthy.

Did you know that when babies are born they don’t have any teeth. That’s kind of funny because when I was a baby tadpole, I did have teeth for a period of time, and now I don’t. Anyway, Mrs. Shickle will teach you all about that when we get our tadpoles, now back to YOUR teeth.

I think it’s kind of neat that you get two sets of teeth–baby teeth and permanent teeth. I hope all of you are brushing your teeth and eating healthy foods, so your teeth stay strong.

I think that instead of me telling everyone what I learned from Mrs. Shickle, you should tell me what you learned this week.

Here are my questions for you…

1. How many baby teeth do you get?

2 What are some of the kinds of teeth and what do they do?

3. How many adult teeth will you have?

4. What are cavities and what causes them?

5 How much tooth paste you should put on your toothbrush?

6. What is on the outside of your teeth?

7. Who checks your teeth, or helps you if they hurt?

8. What is a good snack for your teeth?

9. What are two ways to clean your teeth?

If you’re in Mrs. Shickle’s class, I would love it if you would answer one of these questions, or maybe tell me something else you learned about Dental Health. Maybe she will give you a penny for your piggy bank if you leave a comment!

Wouldn’t that be cool? I can’t wait to hear from you.
Polly # 9

Check out how much fun we had in class…



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16 Responses to “The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and nothing but the Tooth!”

  1. Brusha, brusha, brusha!

  2. Polly #9 is a really smart frog. She has learned all kinds of things lately! I want to see her in her cap and gown when she graduates from kindergarten.

  3. I would like for my tooth to come out. I have about 7 teeth that are loose and wiggly. Polly, can you help me since you know more about teeth.

    Loose Teeth!

    Dear Kesi,
    Well, you might want to try eating an apple, that’s a healthy snack, and maybe your teeth will get stuck in it! You can also try wiggling your teeth with your fingers. Both of these ideas were in the story we read, and since I don’t have teeth, this is a very hard question for me to answer!

    Polly #9

    P.S. I guess the tooth fairy will be visiting you soon!

  4. 1. How many baby teeth do you get?


    Hey Corey, You’re right! Tell Mrs. Shickle she owes you a penny!

  5. 3. How many adult teeth you will have?


    32 it is!
    That’s right Kevin, 32 it is! Mrs. Shickle owes you a penny for your piggy bank!

  6. 4. Cavities are caused by “little holes from rotten food in teeth, little black creatures that live in your mouth that you have to brush away.”
    Mommy: “Do you mean germs?”
    Child: “Yeah that’s it, germs and tooth decay now I remember.”

    You got it A. Nicholas!
    Nice answer A. Nicholas! Mrs. Shickle needs to give you a penny tomorrow!

  7. #8 A healthy snack for your teeth is an apple.

    Yum, great answer!
    Great answer Christopher, that will be another penny for you to put in your piggy bank. I’d like to have one of those yummy apples right now!

  8. Polly is a very good plaque fighter and she kills all the plaque in people’s mouths. Polly is a frog and she is a knight frog. I like that she kills all of the plaque.

    Good job, Sir Walker!
    Did you remember the knights from the video today?
    Great comment, tell Mrs. Shickle you need a penny!

  9. How much toothpaste should you put on your toothbrush?

    a dot

    You’ve got it Naomi
    That’s right Naomi, do you mean like a Polka-Dot?
    Tell Mrs. Shickle you get a penny!
    Love, Polly #9

    You are a smart girl! “Code Polka Dot!” (he, he. he!)
    Polly #3

  10. Boys and girls, I love reading all of your information about teeth! I think it is really funny that you all are wanting to lose your teeth and I am hoping to keep mine! I brush my teeth at least two times each day and floss every morning. Luckily, I have only had three cavities in my whole life!

    Keep up the great work with Polly the frog!

  11. Interested Adult
    March 11th, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    I learned a lot from reading this! Maybe I should go back to kindergarten for a refresher course! All of you are really smart.

  12. Kesi and Brother
    March 11th, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    Dear Polly,

    I wish you had teeth and I wish Walker took me with him to his birthday trip. Since you don’t know what a toothbrush is I will teach you what a toothbrush is. A toothbrush is something that you brush your teeth with. THE END!

    Brushing up on Toothbrushes

    Dear Kesi,
    Thanks to you and your brother I think I understand what a toothbrush is, and even though I don’t have teeth, I do have a long sticky tongue and I remember Mrs. Shickle saying that you should brush your tongue also because germs and bacteria get there too. So I guess I should ask Mrs. Shickle to get me a “tongue” brush. What do you think?
    Love, Polly # 9

  13. Dear Mrs. Shickle’s Class,

    I have read your posts about teeth with keen interest, because as you probably know, I don’t know much about teeth. I’m confused about a few things. Why do humans have different kinds of teeth in their mouths? Some are pointy, and some are kind of bumpy…oh, it’s all so confusing! Also, I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but what is a toothbrush? You humans have a lot of different kinds of brushes…hair brushes, tooth brushes, I even once saw a brush for cars at the car wash!

    Have a good day at school, and listen to Mrs. Shickle!
    Polly #3

    The Toothbrush
    Dear Polly #3,
    You use a toothbrush to clean your teeth. You put toothpaste on the tooth brush. A toothbrush has a long plastic handle and bristles on one end.

    Our teeth look different because the front ones help us bite and the back ones help us chew.

  14. To have nice teeth you should brush and floss. A dentist checks your teeth. Vegetables are good for your teeth.

    Way to Go!
    Great answers Trinity, you are such a smart girl!
    Polly # 9

  15. Dear Polly,

    The Dentist helps you when your teeth hurts. The dentist also check to see if your teeth are healthy.

  16. Ouch! What Causes a Tooth Ache?

    Dear Dinah,
    Yes, you are correct, a dentist does help you when your teeth hurt. That’s called a tooth ache. I’ve never had one (because I don’t have teeth) and I am really glad! Do you know what causes a tooth ache?
    Polly #9