Two Leprechauns

Two Little Leprechauns

Hi Boys and Girls in Mrs. Shickle’s Class, and other interested Polly #9 Fans.

Today was a GREAT day, not only was it my birthday, but because I had so much fun learning about St. Patrick’s Day.

Your turn!  This game helped us practice addition facts.

Your turn! We worked hard on our addition facts!

St. Patrick's Day

This IS a great day to be green!

What did you guys think when you saw Lucky’s little green foot prints and the green Leprechaun dust on your tables? I helped Lucky sprinkle the dust–it was so much fun. I hop, I mean hope, you liked making the hats Lucky left for the class. You all looked like really cool Leprechauns!

Mrs. Schneider taught us about the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

It was very emotional when Mrs. Schneider came in and talked about our trip to Ireland, and it brought back such hoppy, I mean happy memories for me. Mrs Schneider didn’t tell you, but I almost CROAKED when they held me down to kiss the Blarney stone! What was your favorite part of our trip to England and Ireland?

Doesn't this look like a fun way to practice color words?

Your turn! This game helped us practice addition facts.

Working on addition facts...your turn!

I would really like to go back to Ireland, now that I have a very good friend(Lucky)there. I’m going to miss him. Please write to me and tell me something you learned about:

1 St. Patrick
2. Ireland
3. Leprechauns

Building Leprechauns

St. Patrick's Day

Graphing Lucky Charms

You know we will both get a penny if you post a comment. By the way, did you like the fun games we played today? Mrs. Shickle said we get to play some more tomorrow.
Love, Polly # 9

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16 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day, What A Great Day To Be Green!”

  1. I’m so excited because I’m leaving for Ireland in about two weeks. I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures and put them on the website so everyone can see all the wonderful places I visit.

    I wish Polly #9 could go along with me because we would have a lot of fun. I’m hoping to get together with Polly #8 when I’m in London toward the end of my trip. I sure hope everyone will be able to tell the two of us apart!

  2. I had so much fun today. Thanks for letting me bring Polly home. We had fun!

    Glad you had fun!
    Dear G.W.
    So glad you and Polly #9 had fun, I can’t wait to read your story!
    Love, Mrs. Shickle

  3. Dear Polly,

    You are so lucky that you got to go to Ireland. I would love to go there one day. I loved hearing Mrs. Schneider’s story about the Blarney stone. I wish I could kiss the stone and get good luck.

    We learned all about Leprechauns. Are there Leprefrogs?

  4. Dear Mrs. Shickle’s Class,

    We loved looking at your pictures. My favorite picture is Polly holding a cookie. (T.T) I love all of your pictures because I would love to be in your class if I was in Kindergarten. (M.L.) Polly looks cute wearing a hat. (T.T.) I like the activities you are doing because it looks like so much fun. (M.L.) I saw a lot of symbols for St. Patrick’s day–shamrocks, green hats, leprechauns,and the Blarney Stone. (T.T)

    M.L & T.T. (Mrs. Schneider’s 2nd grade students)

  5. Dear Polly,

    We wore green because it was St. Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns are little. They can live in a house. People sneak into Leprechaun houses to steal their gold. They never get the gold.


    Great Comment Maiesha!

    Dear Maiesha,
    What a great comment. Did you like learning about Leprechauns? I did. What was your favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day in Mrs. Shickle’s class?
    Polly #9

  6. Learning is a lot more interesting than it was when I was a kid. Mrs. Shickle makes school a fun place to be. Good job!

  7. Dear Kevin,

    You’re right, I am a lucky frog! Traveling is so much fun, but learning about different people,places and things in school is “toad”-ly cool too.
    There are “leaper”-frogs (frogs that hop really far) but I don’t know about Lepre-frogs.
    You are such a funny boy!

    Polly #9

  8. I Love Kindergarten

    Dear Brent and Lucy!
    Thank you for commenting, I love being in kindergarten.
    Polly # 9

  9. You’re lucky to have a teacher like Mrs. Shickle!

  10. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya Polly me darlin’!

  11. Three Cheers for Mrs. Shickle!

  12. Love to see all the pic of the class having a great time. St. Patty Day is always fun!

  13. Dear Polly,

    I’m really happy to have spent St. Patrick’s Day with you! It was fun to dress up in green like leprechauns and frogs. Our leprechaun hats were very funny.

    See you soon,

    Kai C.

  14. Dear Polly,

    I learned that on St. Patrick’s Day you have to wear green.


    D. Edwards

  15. Dear Kai,

    I really like my Leprechaun hat too! It was really fun to watch all of the students having so much fun playing the special St Patrick’s Day games. Did you like reading the clues and looking for “Lucky’s” pot of gold? Lucky was such a funny little fellow. I don’t think it made Mrs. Shickle happy that he left little green footprints on all of the tables.


  16. That’s Why I Looooove St. Patrick’s Day!

    Dear Dinah,
    That’s why I love St. Patrick’s Day so much, I’m always wearing green!