Frog and Snowman

Do Frogs Like the Snow? Polly the Travel Frog Does!

Polly couldn’t wait to get outside to build a snowman, but on the first day it snowed the snow was very powdery and wouldn’t pack together to form a snowball–Polly was really disappointed. When we went outside today, we discovered that the the snow was perfect for snowball making. First we had a snowball throwing contest and then we helped Polly make her very first snowman. What do you think of her work?

We teased Polly and told her that she should have made a snowfrog!

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5 Responses to “Snowfrog!”

  1. Dear Polly,

    I love your snowman. Next time it snows would you like to come over and make twin snowfrogs?

    Love Kevin and Corey

  2. Mrs. Ansari's class
    December 21st, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    This snowman is funny and cool. He doesn’t have a mouth, but he does have a nose and eyeballs. The snowman’s arms are sticks. This snowman is small. He is the same size as Polly. Polly likes to play with the snowman. They will throw snowballs in woods. They will also make another snowfrog.

  3. Polly likes snow. Her best friend is made out of snow. Her best friend is a snowman. The snowman is hugging Polly. The little snowman loves the snow with Polly.

  4. If you make a snowfrog, I hope you post the picture. I’d really like to see what it looks like.

  5. Dear Kevin and Corey~
    Thanks so much for writing to me! I think it would be fun to make twin snowfrogs. Ribbit! Ribbit!

    Love, Polly

    P.S. Are you twins? (he he he! Mrs. Schneider told me to write that!)