Spring has Sprung!

Polly #3, what are you doing? Oh, I know…she’s looking for Spring! She’s tired of the cold weather and she’s looking forward to clear blue skies, beautiful flowers, and warmer temperatures.

What do you like about Spring?

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8 Responses to “Signs of Spring…”

  1. A Joke….

    Polly what is your 1 soda drink?


    That joke “croaked” me up!

  2. Hi Polly, we love all the new pictures you put on here especially the one were Polly stuck her hand in the snow. Talk to you soon.

    Dear Jacob and Haley~
    Thank you so much for leaving another comment! I love hearing from you! Don’t you think these flowers are pretty? Of course green is my favorite color, but pink is nice too!
    Polly #3

  3. After the long, cold, and snowy winter we just had, I’m really looking forward to Spring also.

    I love hopping around outside, hearing the birds singing early in the morning, the longer amount of daylight we have, and the warmer temperatures.

    I could go on and on with why I like spring, but I think you get my point!

  4. What I like about Spring:

    I like to go outside and play with my sisters.

    Hi Averi~
    It’s so good to hear from you! I like going outside to play with my brothers and sisters too. Our favorite game is hopscotch.

  5. Spring

    I love so many things about spring! I love the sound of birds chirping, the warm weather, longer days, and the color that returns to our landscape. The only thing that I do not like about spring is the return of my allergies:(

  6. Hi again Polly,
    We do love those flowers. My mommy has Tulips in her garden just like those. When she went out this morning she said they are finally starting to come up. We will have to bring you one when they bloom. I bet you cant wait for St. Patrick’s day because green is your favorite color! Talk to you soon.
    Haley and Jake

    Dear H & J,
    Mr. and Mrs. Schneider have been talking about the tulips in their garden too, because the little buds are just starting to poke their tips through the soil…they are excited! I would love to see one of the tulips from your garden. Thanks for thinking of me!

    P.S. Yes, I love St. Patrick’s day! Did you know that I traveled to Ireland a few years ago? I loved it, and yes, Ireland is a feast on for the eyes for someone that loves the color green!

  7. I love spring too! What I really love is the smell of spring when winter is retreating. Do you know what I mean? It’s an earthy smell that tells us everything is changing, new things are growing, and that the cold dreary days of winter have been left behind.

  8. Polly is right…

    It has been a long, cold winter, and it’s time to check out warmer places and do all kinds of exciting things. What are Polly’s springtime plans?

    Dear Anonymous,
    I hope to spend as much time outdoors as possible this spring. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride my bike on the C&O bike path, and I am also looking forward to a trip to New York City this May.