Sarah (future world traveler), Mrs. Schneider and me


Today Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Stine, and I decided to take a “Polly Adventure”, so we jumped into the car early this morning and headed to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia–about a 45 minute drive from where we live.

After a fantastic morning of sightseeing we decided to get a bite to eat. We’d heard great things about Tari’s Cafe’, located in the heart of Berkeley Springs, so we decided to give it a try. As we were being seated, I recognized a familiar face at the table next to us. It was Sarah from school! I hopped right over and gave her a big hug, and boy was I happy to see her!



We were happy to see each other!



Sarah was eating lunch with her grandparents, her mom and dad, and her little sister. It was fun meeting all of them, and I especially enjoyed talking to Sarah’s grandpa. He was visiting from Miami, Florida but he’s originally from Germany, and he told us lots of interesting things about growing up in the city Wiesbaden. You better believe I perked right up when he started talking, after all, I’m a Travel Frog and I love to learn about new places!

Sarah has a very interesting family heritage. He grandfather on her mother’s side is from Germany (like I mentioned) and her grandmother came from Scotland. Sarah’s father was born in Italy and moved to America when he was twelve years old. I bet Sarah will love to travel when she gets older–it’s in her blood! (Hey, maybe that’s why I like her so much!)





So Good!


Well, the rumours were true…Tari’s Cafe’ was fantastic. We ordered the Oyster Poor Boy- cornmeal dusted fried oysters served on a crusty French baguette and served with crunch cabbage, diced tomatoes, and a zesty remoulade. Oh, I almost forgot…it was served with yummy cole slaw on the side. We enjoyed our meal immensely and our waitress Kiarra was great!

Sarah, It was so much fun seeing you today! Have a wonderful summer!

Love, Polly #3

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18 Responses to “Sarah & Polly #3 Bump into Each Other in Berkeley Springs, W.V.”

  1. Well how cool was that!!!! I bet Sarah was super excited!!!! I am glad everyone is enjoying their summer, I think taking road trips is the best part of our time off!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Sarah,

    It was great seeing you and your family enjoying lunch together today. It was fun talking to everyone. Have a great summer!

    Mrs. Stine

  3. Dear Polly, it was nice sitting next to you and watching you eat your delicious lunch and at the end joining us at our table.
    Polly, I thought you would at least offer to pay my check, maybe next time when we bump into each other.
    I love you Polly.
    I will see you back in September.

  4. Your meal looks deeeeeeeeeeeelicious! I’m going to look for you the next time I go out to eat! That would be a fun treat!

  5. Look at that oyster po’boy! Can you post directions to this place? Back home in the swamps–near Frogtown, USA–there’s this place that makes the best beetle po’boy in the world. HOO-derrr, dat’s good I gaur-on-tee!!!!

  6. 33 North Washington Street, Berkeley Springs…you can’t miss it! It’s right down the street from George Washington’s bath tub! 🙂

  7. George Washington’s bathtub? Really?

  8. Yes, really! Check it out! 🙂

  9. Cole slaw is messy. Why isn’t Polly wearing a bib? Stains are hard to get out of white t-shirts!

  10. Dear Mrs. Schneider,

    Its me Destiny D. Do you remember me you said i will be a great writer someday. Please write back.

  11. Destiny~
    Of course I remember you! Did you get the postcards that I sent to you this summer? How’s school? I KNOW you will be a great writer someday….keep practicing!
    Mrs. Schneider

  12. I did get the postcard’s Cape Cod looks like a great place! About school I am on the a b anorroll! I’ve been practicing. How is Polly have you guys went on new trips yet. I saw you in town we beeped and you waved!

  13. Dear Mrs. Schneider,

    Will you please send me a letter instead of a postcard! Put your address
    inside of it so we can write to each other !! Please write back. Austin said hi.

    Destiny D.

  14. Dear Polly #3,

    Did you eat all that food? My mom lives near Berkeley Springs! Polly u should have a bib. Do you want your pretty shirt to get dirty?


    Destiny D.

  15. Dear Mrs. Schneider,

    My mom said hi she wants to know how you are doing? I want to know how are you doing in your new school? I want to know what school you go to?

    your friend,
    Destiny D.

  16. Dear Mrs Schnieder

    Tell me about the new school. Tell polly i said hi and merry christmas and a happy new year.

  17. Dear Mrs.Schneider,

    Thank you so much for the gift in the mail. The time you see this you should of got the letter i sent to you in the mail! Please write back in the letter and on POLLY! And tell Polly and Mr. Schneider I said HEY. One more thing is it okay if Jennifer F. sends you a letter too?

    Yours Truly,
    Destiny D.

  18. Hey Mrs.Schneider, everybody at my home says hi and so does someone else. This boy i now he is the someone else his name is colt. Call me sometime if you still have my number. I miss you being around me. Don’t forget the picnic we are having this spring or summer.

    Destiny D.