Polly at the Pennsylvania Farm Show


My friend Debbie and I took Polly #2 & Polly #3 to the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg today. We arranged to meet Kristi and Jeff,the owners of Polly #12,at the show arena and we spent the entire day with them…what fun! Our three frogs were happy to see each other again and they loved the farm show attractions…Polly #2 thought the tractors were cool, Polly #3 enjoyed seeing the draft horses competing, and Polly #12 loved the food!

As you can tell by the picture, the frogs had an egg-cellent time today!

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7 Responses to “Polly’s Egg-Cellent Adventure!”

  1. Attack!

    It looks like a frog invasion!

  2. It’s Good to Have Friends!

    Dear Polly,
    I’m glad you have friends.


  3. Polly, You Are Silly!

    Polly you are so silly. You feel soft. It looks like it was fun to play in an egg with your friends. You look so funny. I’m going to color your picture today.

    See you again soon,

  4. Is this a Polly Convention?

    I’ve seen frog eggs, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t one. Still, it’s good to see three Pollies getting together and having fun. It’s also great that kids like reading about Polly the Travel Frog! Pollies of the world unite and make reading, writing, and traveling fun for everybody!

  5. The Frogs Crack the Egg!

    Dear Polly,
    We love you, but we think that egg is fake! The egg picture is funny because it has chicken legs. Is that your mom and dad in the egg? How did the egg crack?

    See you later,
    Mrs. King’s Class

  6. Hi Emma…
    You’re right, I am a silly frog, but it’s so much fun being silly! Do you do silly things too? I hope you had fun coloring my picture.


  7. We Didn’t Do It!

    Dear Mrs. King’s Class,
    The frogs in the picture are not my mom and dad, but rather, two friends of mine. You’re right! The egg in the picture isn’t real. I think the artist that painted this picture made it look like it was cracked… but we didn’t do it!

    Thanks for writing to me!