Polly wants to be a cowgirl

Giddy Up!

Polly #3 has been a horse lover ever since she was a little tadpole. She repeatedly asked her mother and father if she could take riding lessons. They always told her no because they thought that she might get hurt on a big horse. All of that changed the day that Polly met Buster,a tiny horse, perfectly sized for a little frog with the dream of riding. Polly’s mom and dad finally said yes, and Polly hopped right onto Buster’s back. Giddy Up!

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5 Responses to “Polly Wants to be a Cowgirl…or would that be a Cowfrog?”

  1. I love horses too, I wish I had one too, I love Polly the travel frog. You have more horses than me.

  2. Polly Rides a Horse:

    ~I saw Polly ride a horse. (Avonna)

    ~Polly is on a horse.(Celeste)

    ~ Polly is riding on a black horse named Buster.(Johnathon)

    ~I like riding a pretty colored horse.(Kaleigh)

    ~Polly and Buster are together.(Caitlyn)

    ~ It’s funny because Polly is riding on a horse!(Reece)

  3. Horses:

    ~Polly loves riding horses. (Camille)

    ~Polly and I went to the farm show to ride horses. (Damian)

    ~Polly and I will go home and ride horses because we have three real horses.(Rosemary)

  4. Polly’s Horse Story:

    Ihanna said,”Polly, I like your horse and if I had a horse, I would want to ride one too.”

    ~I love your horse because we can tell that you are excited. (Asia)

    ~I wish I had a real horse so I could ride it. (Emma)

    ~Polly, I like horses and I know that you like horses, too. (Kyerstyn)

    ~I love horses, too. (Sarah)

    ~The horse is fake. (Ryan)

    ~If I had a horse, I would ride it all the time. (Warren)

    ~The horse is fake because it has stuffing inside of it.(Austin)

    ~I like your horse.(Madison)

  5. Dear Sarah~
    Thanks for visiting my site! Horses are so amazing…and I feel lucky to have Buster! I hope your wish to have a horse comes true someday.